YF-36 22 Ounce Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle Bag Carabina Clip Collapsible Camping Canteen Blue

YF-36 22 Ounce Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle Bag Carabina Clip Collapsible Camping Canteen Blue
  • Food grade silicone (same to make baby bottle), PBA free £¨Certificate Passed£©
  • Tired of carrying empty, bulky sports bottles? Our premium 22 oz, Sports Bottle effortlessly collapses to 1/5th its original size for super easy carrying
  • Tough, Durable, virtually unbreakable 22 oz bottle that is collapsible when it’s not filled – So kids can fill their backpack or soccer bag with other essentials
  • Pop up nozzle makes it easy for use with one hand; put in mouth and squeeze bottle
  • Whether you’re out camping, biking, running, yoga, crossfit, or camping. Its simply a great way to have fresh water with you

22oz Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle A useful water bottle which can also be folded up to take even less space when not used.
Features: Carabiner: The included carabiner can be used to hold the bottle for storage or clip the bottle to your gear, making your hands free and easy access to the bottle when needed. Retainer Strap: The retainer strap is made of the same silicone as the bottle and can be used to hold the bottle in rolled position, taking less space now when not having liquid in it.Freezable: Fill up to 3/4 full and put the lid on and into the freezer. Now you have hours of cold liquid. Heat resistant up to 570F/300C. Dishwasher safe. Suitable for water, juice and more…
Tips: It is dishwasher safe, but we recommend cleaning it by hand to avoid dishwasher smell. You can try using warm water though to get rid of any odor. These pretty much arrive at your door from just being made, so any rubber or silicone smell you might experience when getting these will disappear with time. We also suggest soaking this in warm soapy water for several hours and repeat if necessary if you experience any rubber and/or chemical smells. If you have “hard” water in it, the bottle might end up with whitish film. This is just dried calcium, and can be cleaned by washing/soaking the bottle in vinegar and it should go away. A customer also filled the bottles with water and added some baking soda and lemon juice and let them sit overnight to make them fine. It is soft so might take some getting used to holding.

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