Thermo Greenhouse Tube Heater | 60 Watts Per Foot | Complete with Flex & Plug | 6ft

Thermo Greenhouse Tube Heater | 60 Watts Per Foot | Complete with Flex & Plug | 6ft
  • Average Running Costs of a 1ft 60w Tube Heater : £0.005 Per Hour / £0.12 Per Day / £0.84 Per Week – costs are calculated using £0.0854 kWh
  • These costs can be improved with the use of a thermostat or timer. Our tube heaters are designed to be run at all times – however, due to their years of development, you can switch the Thermotube on and off throughout the day without risk of damaging the element.

Our tube heaters are made in the UK by Thermo Products Ltd and offer the ideal heating solution for applications that require low cost, steady background heat. Designed with safety in mind, tubular heaters are a versatile heating product that are used as a heat source or frost protection and to prevent condensation. They can be used in a variety of environments: to provide greenhouse heating, to heat an airing cupboard where there is no longer a hot water cylinder, to stop condensation building on windows and walls, in caravans, boats, kennels, out buildings, toilets, etc. They can also be used to supplement existing domestic or commercial heating systems, offering an economical source of additional heat. The Thermotube was not only designed to be a versatile unit but a powerful one. The average surface temperature of our heaters is approximately 95°c at peak operation. Therefore, it is always highly advisable to also purchase a Thermoguard to avoid items/people falling or resting on the unit. All our tube heaters are IP54 rated and are available in sizes of 1 – 6ft, all at 60W per foot. Follow these links for other sizes, thermostats and heater guards. Aluminium Construction Thermotube tube heaters are made from aluminium, powder coated in white. They heat up much quicker than steel tubes and are significantly lighter and more durable – steel tubes require a thermal cut-out to prevent melting of the element and thus have a much shorter life span. Thermotube tube heaters are designed to provide steady background heat as economically as possible. Tube heaters are perfect for frost protection and preventing condensation. Also, due to the greater heat retention of Thermotubes and the carefully constructed rust resistant aluminium tube, the tube heater offers reduced running costs.

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