Ocona© Ultrasound Mosquito Repellent White

Ocona© Ultrasound Mosquito Repellent White
  • Non-toxic for humans and animals: don’t expose yourself any longer to the toxic vapours of insect sprays. The mosquito guard effectively drives away mosquitoes, house flies and ants from your living space – without the use of harmful chemicals. These ultrasound technology will create an uncomfortable environment for pests, avoided by small insects, but which is not harmful to humans.
  • Drive away instead of kill: horrible stains of killed mosquitoes on the wall are now a thing of the past. With the mosquito guard, you won’t have to go hunting and remove dead insects. Using this device will stop these unwanted creatures from getting into your home. The ultrasound is inaudible for you, but it unpleasant for insects. For this reason, mosquitoes avoid the area around the mosquito guard as much as they can.
  • Flexible for when you’re on the move: the mosquito guard can be used anywhere there is a socket. It can also be used in mobile homes or caravans. The sound waves can cover up to 20 m². A plug therefore most covers the entire room. The mosquito guard is also a handy companion for on holiday. It takes up less room in your luggage than insect spray but work better.
  • Economical: the mosquito guard is extremely economical to use. One application a week (10 hours a day) costs less than a penny a week. The mosquito guard is, therefore, significantly cheaper than other insect killers and mosquito repellent.
  • Peace at last: the high-frequency sound used by the mosquito guard that cannot be heard by people drives away mosquitoes and other unpleasant insects and is discreet! It doesn’t fill the room with unpleasant odours, does not illuminate dark rooms, and doesn’t make any audible sounds. The red indicator tell you the insect repellent is working. Sleep peacefully again!

The size of the trousers Itoguard mosquito repellent?
The trousers Itoguard has a handy size of 60X60X30 MM, fitting into any pocket.
How does the trousers Itoguard mosquito repellent?
The anti mosquito repellent plug is simply plugged into an outlet (230 V). The red indicator light will turn now and the trousers Itoguard is active. It uses ultrasonic technology, the A very high High Frequency Sound Of is generated, the in the form of people do not range of 15 – 25 kHz (For People audible sound ends at approx. 20,000 Hz). Uses approximately 0.5 W. When Average Power Price of 0.28 & # x20AC; gives a calculation of electricity costs a value of 0.01 & # x20AC; per week (working time of the trousers Itoguards: 70 hours per week).
Will not need to worry more about Nervtötende insects and order yours now so that they can from morning sleep peacefully without razor.

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