Enders 4942 Camping Toilet Mobile WC Comfort

Enders 4942 Camping Toilet Mobile WC Comfort
  • Fresh water tank 16 L / waste water tank 16 L volume
  • Swivel-mounted filling pipe with air escape valve
  • With level indicator and powerful reciprocating pump for flushing

Dear Customer,

our model “Enders Comfort” is different from our model “Enders Deluxe” in 4 points:

1) The liquid level indicator is located at back at the wastewater tank instead of in front

2) 10% lesser weight through 3 litres slenderised wastewater tank

3) More mobile to stow through 3 cm less height

4) No more transport roller to reduce the height

– Colour: 2-tone grey/pearl white.

– Particularly smooth, hygienic surface

– Weight: 3.4 kg

– Dimensions: H=36.7cm / W=38.0 cm / D=44.6 cm

– Fresh water tank: 16.0 litres volume

– Wastewater tank: 16.0 litres volume

Lowest Price: £64.59
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