Caravans Are Increasing In Popularity

Caravans existed for centuries before becoming associated with a more hippy lifestyle.  Today the caravan is making a surprising comeback.

During the Crusades caravans were used by knights, and for those people who could afford to own one it was used as a means for moving around.  What really seems to have brought caravans their most fame is the conquering of the Wild West.  The idea of crossing the Rocky Mountains in a covered wagon is such a compelling image.  The alternative to that was either tramping through the mud or having a drafty cold ride on the back of a horse.  Just one hundred years ago there were brightly painted Roman caravans being pulled by horses out on the roads.

But what about these days, when there are plenty of maps and roads and so many different means of transportation to get wherever you need to go?  What is the role of caravans today?  The answer can be found in the need that people have for freedom still.

Over the past century automobile ownership skyrocketed but the same thing occurred with caravans and drivers soon found themselves stuck behind lines of caravans headed to the coast.  For decades the predominant image when it came to motor-caravanners tended to that of an old VW with a hippy family inside of it.  These days the image of caravans has improved significantly and has become a luxury home in many cases with a price tag to match it.

By the time there were more individuals with money to spend who were interested in having a home away from home that could provide them with freedom for traveling far and wide safely, that is when the static caravan really took off.  The static and uncool caravans located near the wild forests or sea are history now.

Recently caravanning has become among the most popular holidays in the country.  Celebrities really love to travel this way, or way of living to put in more accurately. Singers such as Chris Evans and Mark Owen, and actress like Tracy Shaw and Helen Mirren, as well as Sir Jimmy Saville are happy caravan owners.  Now we can discuss styled, luxury, fancy caravans.

The Carlight and Stirling as well as other old hand built classic caravans were expensve in the past.  During the fifties, the caravans were purchased and operated by the owners of the Rover, Lagonda and Armstrong Siddeley cars.  These owners didn’t think anything of embarking on an overseas journey of thousands of miles in one of them.

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