10 x Heavy Duty 9.5″ Tent Pegs 8.5mm x 240mm Galvanized Steel Ground Stakes for Tents Ground Sheets Camping Awnings Sports Netting Agriculture Horticulture Poly Tunnels Ground Cover Taupaulins

10 x Heavy Duty 9.5
  • 10 Heavy Duty 9.5″ Tent Pegs: Ribbed to provide a superior and more secure anchorage over non ribbed ground stakes.
  • The forged 8.5mm tor steel tent pegs are galvanised to protect against rust corrosion
  • Suitable for anchoring Tents, Ground Sheets, Awnings and Canopies. Ideal for many commercial, industrial, agricultural and leisure uses.
  • The tent pegs are lathed to a point, No sharp edges, Tough, Long and Very, Very Strong.
  • Standard delivery to UK Mainland only, other locations please email for a quote


The forged tor steel tent pegs are ribbed to provide superior more secure anchorage over non ribbed pegs.

Galvinised to protect against corrosion.

The strong ground stakes are made from concrete-reinforcement bar with points to allow easier fixing on all types of ground without bending.

Suitable for anchoring Tents, awnings, Canopies and ground sheets.

Securing Mesh, Netting, Tarpaulins, Ground Sheets, Frost Fleece, Ground Cover/Weed Fabric, Polytunnels, Pavers and Grass.

8.5mm x 240mm (9.5″)

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